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My Journey to Becoming a Lawyer by Alison Allen

Most people who know me, know that I’m normally quite a private person. So, I thought I’d share a little about me and my journey to becoming a family lawyer.  Childhood Dreams I’ve wanted to be a lawyer for as long as I can remember, so much so that I don’t really remember ever wanting […]

So you are going to Court?

So you are going to Court? As most of you know, I heavily advocate for families who are experiencing separation and divorce to do everything they can to stay away from the Family Court process. After 14 years working in the family law system, I have experienced firsthand the difficulties faced by families who find […]

To move or not to move

Now any family lawyer will know well that this can be one of the most hard fought areas of family law and one of the trickiest to advise on.  The desire for one parent to move after separation can raise so many questions and sometimes even more hurdles so that it may seem out of reach but remember, […]
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