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We often see clients shortly after their relationships have ended.  Most clients are confused and unsure what steps they should take to protect their interests. Most importantly, stay calm.  It is important that you do not make hasty decisions. While you should obtain legal advice at an early stage it is just as important that you obtain assistance with the emotional aspects of separation.

Whether you have just separated, are thinking about separating, or finished your relationship a long time ago, we recommend an Initial Consultation with one of our solicitors as the best starting point. We can provide you with information in relation to the possible steps forward for your circumstances, our services in relation to this, and the approximate costs and timeframes for these options.

We offer a unique initial product called our ‘Separation Solution Package’ that will enable you to experience the knowledge and service of our firm at a fixed fee of $449.

Our Separation Solution Package will provide you with the following-

  • Informative and Diagnostic initial meeting with one of our expert legal team for up to 90 minutes
  • A complimentary copy of our legal guide- ‘Where to from here- an overview of the legal matters to consider for your separation or divorce.’
  • A personal settlement strategy document, specific to your circumstances following your initial meeting with our team
  • Complimentary access to our Online Divorce Workshops
  • Complimentary access to our Webinars

 Your separation solution package will give you the opportunity to discuss your situation, values and your ideal outcomes with our legal team.  We will provide you with our expert legal advice and discuss your options for resolution.  From there, you can choose to engage our team to assist you in enacting your settlement plan.

For more information about our Separation Solution Package please download our brochure here-

Your Separation Solution Package

We know that meeting with a family lawyer can be a daunting experience.  Don’t hesitate to contact our office to discuss how we can best assist you.  To help prepare for your initial consultation we recommend you take the following steps –


Prepare a short timeline of your relationship including the date that you began to live together, date of marriage (if applicable), date of separation and other important events such as children’s birth dates.


For property matters – create a list of the assets, liabilities and other resources that you and your partner have at this time.


Create a list of any pressing questions you might have so that you can refer back to this during your appointment.

If you can’t collate this material prior to your first appointment don’t worry- we will be able to assist you to gather the necessary information.

If you choose to engage us as your family lawyer we will ask you to sign a Costs Agreement and deposit a certain amount into our Trust Account. We have found that one of our clients biggest concerns when engaging a Solicitor is the uncertainty of the cost involved.

For this reason, at BFLC work on a Fixed Fee Basis for all of our clients.

Please ensure you speak with our team about the best option for your circumstances.

Our office will be pleased to provide you with a realistic cost estimate for any work you may require as a part of your Separation Solution Package.  We are focused on providing fixed price proposals so that you can ensure that the costs involved in your legal process are both understood and manageable.

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