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At BFLC, we offer a fixed price mediation package to provide families with a structured and supported resolution pathway.

Are you looking for a resolution pathway that will cooperatively help you and your former partner resolve your differences in a timely and cost- efficient manner?

Our mediation package will provide your family with a structured and supported resolution pathway. You will experience the knowledge and support of our team, whilst still being in control of your own outcomes. 

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What does our mediation package include?

Initial preparation meeting with the mediator (“intake”) for both you and your former spouse (separately) to assess whether your matter is appropriate for mediation, identify the issues to be discussed and assist you to better understand the process.

A structured process whereby mediation goals are discussed and your matter is progressed in a timely fashion towards the mediation date.

A cooperative mediation day where you and your former spouse (and your legal representatives, if applicable) meet with the mediator to reach agreements on matters important to both of  you.

Why is this useful to me?

Discussions can include matters big or small and do not have to be limited to issues that are only relevant in law. 

By entering into mediation each party is committing to make a genuine effort to resolve the matter and to act in good faith. 

Reaching agreement at mediation can short-circuit your resolution pathway leading to more timely and cost- effective outcomes for you and your family. 

If you have children, mediation can sometimes include the input of a child expert, who will assist with understanding the needs and best interests of your children (after meeting separately with them, and with you, prior to mediation.)

What do I have in the end?

An experienced and knowledgeable mediator who will provide you with guidance and information in plain English, to assist you and your former partner mutually acceptable agreements. 

If the mediation results in an agreement it will provide you with a greater level of clarity as to the issues to be resolved and the needs and values of your former partner, which may help you negotiate an agreement subsequent to the mediation. 

If the mediation does not result in an agreement it will provide you with a greater level of clarity as to the issues to be resolved and the needs and values of your former spouse, which may help you to negotiate an agreement subsequent to the mediation. 

What is the cost?

Our Mediation packages are $2,995 for a full-day mediation in Brisbane. Clarissa is able to travel outside of the Brisbane region. Please contact our office 07 3862 1955 to discuss fees for mediations outside of Brisbane. 

Mediation Package

$ 2,995 GST inclusive
  • An intake session with both parties (separately) to identify the issues to be discussed and assist the parties to better understand the mediation process
  • A structured process whereby mediation goals are discussed and the matter is progressed in a timely fashion
  • A cooperative mediation day
  • Parenting and financial matters

About Clarissa Rayward

Hi, I am Clarissa Rayward and I am the owner of Brisbane Family Law Centre. I have worked exclusively as a family lawyer since 2003 and my specialty is helping my clients to find a calm and considered resolution to their legal issues, staying out of the Family Courts and in an ideal world remaining friends- whatever that means for them.

I am a wife to Oliver, mum to 8 year old London and 2 year old Daisy, a lover of all things chocolate and the fashion label Gorman!  And while it may sound strange, I love the work that I get to do- helping my clients navigate one of the most difficult moments in their lives.

In 2013 I started a blog called ‘The Happy Family Lawyer’.  At that time I was anything but a ‘happy lawyer’.  But late one Saturday night a very quick decision to start sharing my thoughts on how you can have a kind, calm and respectful divorce marked the beginning of my ‘happy lawyer’ story.

What began as a simple blog has fast become of community of almost 10,000 people all committed to changing the experience of divorce and separation for the better. In 2015 I published by first book, ‘Splitsville- How to separate, stay out of Court and stay friends’ a legal guide for families experiencing divorce and separation.

As I started to share my thoughts on life, love, heartbreak and happiness I soon found many other lawyers from around the globe getting in touch.  Many of these lawyers were unhappy and were looking for guidance on how they too could  practice law and find happiness in their life.  You see being a lawyer takes a lot of hard work.  We spend most of our time dealing with other people’s problems and as such it can be hard to see the good in all that we do.

In 2016 I started writing my second book- ‘Happy Lawyer, Happy Life- How to find happiness in law and in life’ in an attempt to address the rising rates of unhappiness in the legal profession.  Here in Australia we are regularly told that 1 in every 3 lawyers will suffer a mental health condition during their career and it seems these statistics are similar the western world over.  To assist with my research for the book and to be better able to open a positive dialogue about happiness in law, I created a podcast, also called ‘Happy Lawyer, Happy Life’ where each week I interview other lawyers who have found success, overcome challenge and found happiness in their careers.

Over the past few years I have found myself doing a few new things- I am still a divorce lawyer and run a great team of lawyers at my firm but now I get to do more of the things that I love- writing, speaking and sharing my knowledge and it is this that has enabled me to truly find happiness in my career.

Whether you are looking for assistance during relationship breakdown or are perhaps a lawyer looking for a little more happiness, I would love the chance to work with you.

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