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At the moment we are not looking for any staff at BFLC.

If you know anything about BFLC you will have some understanding of the style of law firm that I run- it is not your typical law firm (but that is how we like it!)

At Brisbane Family Law Centre we help families’ experiencing separation and divorce to find a way through the mess and out the other side to a better future. We pride ourselves on working with clients in a way that keeps them out of the Family Law Courts. We are focused on the outcome for the whole family, even though we might only be working with part of a family. And we are skilled at educating and empowering our clients to be the best people they can be in the difficult situations they face.

BFLC is not like most firms- fixed fee pricing, no time recording and a focus on mediation and Collaborative Practice means many of the usual stressors of legal practice are minimised.

We looking for ‘real people’- ones that have stories, lives, families and children. We don’t mind if their families are more important than their work. We also don’t mind if from time to time their families take front and centre in their lives. But what we know we can offer is a workplace where helpful, kind, caring people with a love of helping other people can thrive.

Unfortunately at the moment we are not looking for any new members to join our team but if you would like to send along your resume we would be happy to put it on file.

We are family. We love what we do. If you do too you, then get in touch.

If you don’t see any jobs listed below and would like us to keep your details on file please send your resume to

Please review this website frequently should you be hoping to pursue a position at Brisbane Family Law Centre and join our family.

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