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At BFLC our Five Stage Resolution Pathway will take you through the family law process with as little financial and emotional cost as possible.

Whilst there are a number of ‘unknowns’ in any family law matter, almost all couples experiencing separation and divorce will work through these four stages at various times.

The time it will take for you to finalise your legal affairs can be affected by a number of different factors. We have found that where couples can quickly gather information and exchange the required legal information, settlements can be reached and finalised between three and six months from when you first engage our office. The speed at which you finalise your matter can be adjusted to suit your family’s needs.

Our Five Stage Resolution Pathway focuses on the legal requirements of your separation and balances this with your personal goals and wishes. This ensures that any legal outcome has the best opportunity to align with your personal goals and needs. For example, it might be important to you to continue to live in a particular area; you may have plans for retirement; or even a desire to continue to travel annually. While these goals are not usually considered by the legal process, they are often important to you. At BFLC we pride ourselves on ensuring the legal solutions to suit you and your family’s goals and wishes.

Please take the time to speak with our team to ensure we understand what is important to you and how we can best meet your needs throughout your resolution process.

1. Diagnose

At this stage of the process we will-

1. Identify the legal issues;

2. Consider your short and long term goals; and

3. Create your Settlement Strategy

2. Gather Information

At this stage we will work with you to gather the necessary information you are required to provide at law, and more importantly, information that is personal to you that will enable us to best understand what is important to you and your family.

3. Educate

Once we have gathered the necessary information we will provide you with preliminary legal advice as well as recommendations for any advice we suggest from other professionals such as financial, personal or parenting advisors.

4. Resolve

Using mediation, collaboration or negotiation.

5. Document

Formalise your agreement into the appropriate legal documents for your family to finalise your legal matters and enable you to move forward with clarity.


Collaborative Law is a process whereby each client engages a lawyer and all four people work together to resolve a dispute without going to court. The aim is to reach a fair agreement while minimising costs, delay and stress.


Mediation is a cooperative decision making process in which qualified and impartial mediators help couples resolve their differences.  The mediator does not represent either party and cannot provide legal advice but can provide information in relation to the legal process.


Negotiation allows each party to retain his or her own solicitor who advises them during a process which involves exchanging information on a voluntary basis in an attempt to find a resolution that is acceptable to both parties.

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