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Brisbane Family Law Centre (BFLC) is a Specialist Family Law Firm based in the inner Brisbane suburb of Albion.  BFLC is a multidisciplinary legal practice offering a holistic service to clients experiencing divorce and separation. Our onsite team of specialist family lawyers are able to offer bespoke solutions for our clients by combining expert legal knowledge with onsite counselling and financial advice as required.  With more than half of all marriages ending in divorce it’s more important than ever that we help families find better ways to work together during separation and beyond.

Our team at BFLC will take you through the family law process with as little financial and emotional cost as possible.  We specialize in ensuring that our clients stay out of the traditional Family Court Process- ensuring that they have the best opportunity to manage their settlement process, minimise cost and experience a dignified divorce.  We do this using our Five Stage Resolution Pathway. Whilst there are a number of ‘unknowns’ in any family law matter, almost all couples experiencing separation and divorce will work through these 5 stages at various times.

The time it will take for you to finalise your legal affairs can be affected by a number of different factors. We have found that where couples can quickly gather and exchange the required legal information, settlements can be reached and finalised between 3 and 6 months from when you first engage our office. The speed at which you finalise your matter can be adjusted to suit your family’s needs.

If you are experiencing divorce and separation, there is every chance that you are confused, scared and in grief.  The grief suffered upon the breakdown of a significant relationship is on par with the grief we experience on the death of a loved one.  Traditional legal processes, such as the Court process, do little to help with how you are feeling right now.   A long expensive Court battle only creates more confusion and fear and exacerbates the grief that our clients are trying to get away from.  It takes more than lawyers and Courts to help families through divorce and separation in a way that ensures a positive end to a marriage.

For this reason we have established Brisbane Family Law Centre, a multidisciplinary practice where lawyers work alongside psychologists and financial planners to ensure that our clients receive the holistic support they need.  Our 5 stage Resolution Pathway ensures that our clients-

  •   have clarity about their legal options,
  •   are in control of their settlement and
  •   can stay away from the Courts.

This enables them to focus on a positive future for them and their family.

We also understand that a significant concern in meeting with a lawyer can be the uncertainty of the cost involved.  We offer all of our clients a fixed fee service- meaning you will know the cost of any legal process you choose before you proceed.  We also offer tailored payment arrangements to suit individual client needs.  You can choose to engage us for specific advice and manage your own settlement or to manage the process for you from beginning to end.  You can speak to our team about the different ways we can assist you and your family.

Our focus on out of Court resolution ensures our clients can remain in control of their divorce settlement- giving them the best chance of experiencing a dignified divorce- the kind that they can look back on with some pride.

My team and I would welcome the opportunity to assist you and your family at this difficult time.  Please do get in touch.

Clarissa Rayward,

Director, Brisbane Family Law Centre.

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