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BFLC Joint Separation Solution Package

Are you and your spouse looking for a solution that will set you both on the best path towards resolving your Family Law Matter and moving forward with your lives?

Our Joint Strategy session package will provide you both with clear options about the best way you can work together to resolve your Family Law Matter.

The two of you will experience the genuine sincerity and expert  knowledge of our team.

Call us now to book your Joint Separation Solution package for $449.

 We offer a unique initial product called our Joint Separation Solution Package that will enable you both to experience the knowledge and service of our firm at a fixed fee of $449.

Features – What is included?

• Informative initial consultation with one of our expert legal team for up to 90 minutes to discuss the legal process and your resolution options

• A copy each of our complimentary legal guide – “Where to from here? An overview of the legal matters to consider for your separation or divorce”

• A settlement strategy for both of you to summarise the options to finalise your family law matter

• Complimentary access to our Online Workshop programs

• A copy each of Clarissa Rayward’s book – “Splitsville – how to separate, stay out of Court, and stay friends”

Benefits – Why is it useful for us both?

• You and your spouse will have the opportunity to discuss your values, goals,
and ideal outcomes with each other

• Our expert legal team will be able to discuss the options open to both of you to achieve your ideal resolution

Results – What will the two of you have at the end?

• A clear understanding of the options open to you and your spouse to resolve your family law matter

• The information necessary for the two of you to work together to select which pathway will suit your family

• A useful guide to refer back to together when discussing which resolution pathway to take


• Discuss the legal process and pathways to resolution open to you and your spouse

• Answer any procedural questions you might have

• Provide you both with referrals to financial planners, or other professionals

• Assist you further by facilitating a Mediation

BFLC Can’t;

•Provide you with individual advice about a range of outcomes you might expect in a Court process

• Provide you with individual advice about whether a particular settlement is suitable

• Act for either of you moving forward, but we can facilitate a Mediation for both of you

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