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At Brisbane Family Law Centre, our Queensland adoption lawyers are legal practitioners with expertise in family law, specifically in the area of adoption. This specialty can range from stepparent to independent adoptions. If you need legal assistance in the process of adopting a child, look no further than our expert BFLC legal team.

Adoption is a process whereby a person assumes the parenting and responsibility of a child, from that child’s biological or legal parent or parents.  

The legislation establishes various conditions for those who wish to adopt a child, such as age and the intended adoptive parent’s family situation.

There are specific adoption laws in Queensland to assist families navigating a step-parent adoption situation. 

International adoption is the adoption by which a couple becomes the legal and permanent carrier of a child born in another country. 

Finally, you can have single parent adoption and also the adoption by a same sex couple and these kind of adoptions can of course occur within any of the above scenarios.

The vast majority of adoptions which take place in Queensland are for children to be adopted into families that are known to them, or for adoptions relating to surrogacy. This page will provide more information about these two kinds of adoptions. A small number of children in care do require adoption in Queensland each year, more information about these adoptions can be found at the Department of Children, Youth Justice and Multicultural Affairs

What Does An Adoption Lawyer Do?

  • Prepares paperwork on behalf of clients.
  • Provides ongoing legal support throughout the adoption process.
  • Helps clients meet contractual obligations.
  • Negotiates terms and conditions of the adoption.
  • Handles disputes or legal actions if they arise.


If you are an adult and you live in Queensland and you or your partner are an Australian citizen then you can look into how to adopt a child in QLD. You must not be pregnant, have custody of a child under 1 year of age, or have a child who has been in your custody for less than 1 year (does not include children for whom the person is an approved carer).

Adoption in QLD is a lengthy process that can take up to five years to complete. However, hiring an adoption lawyer will help you through the process while taking every legal opportunity available to expedite the process on your behalf. It is helpful to know that someone is looking out for your rights as the adopting family.

Brisbane Family Law Centre is a family law firm in Brisbane that specialises in working with separating families, but can help with single parent adoption or the adoption of your step child. Our Brisbane adoption lawyers are highly experienced in providing adoption legal services and will guide you through the entire adoption process.

Book a chat with our expert adoption lawyers and get to know how we will get the best possible outcomes for you and your family.

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