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Child Protection in Brisbane Through the Children’s Court
going to childrens court brisbane with childrens court lawyers

The role of the Children’s Court is to uphold the Child Protection laws that are in place and ensure that children are given the adequate level of care and support that they need to become happy and healthy adults.  If you require legal assistance with Children’s Court in Brisbane, BFLC has an experienced legal team who are experts at dealing with Children’s Court procedures and matters.

You may be looking for the help of a lawyer because you are a parent (or someone else concerned for a child) who is involved in Children’s Court proceedings for a child. These are often also called Child Protection matters.

With the help of children’s court lawyers,  parents can receive assistance and support., in order to continue caring for and being involved in the lives of their children. This assistance may be given informally, in a way that involves an agreement with all those involved in the care of the child. Or often though this assistance is given formally by means of child welfare proceedings initiated in the Children’s Courts. 

Children’s courts have the power to make various care and protection orders. Care and protection orders are legal injunctions or directives that allow child protection departments to be partially responsible for a child’s welfare.

An Expert Children's Court Lawyer Will Help Support and Guide You

If you are in Brisbane, and you have found yourself dealing with the Department of Child or the Children’s Court, then you need to consider whether you need the help of  one of our Brisbane- based child protection lawyers. Your children’s protection lawyer will help you navigate the procedures of the children’s court and ensure that the child in question gets the adequate attention, help and assistance that they need. 

At Brisbane Family Law Centre (BFLC), we specialise in working with separating families in a way that keeps them away from the Courts. We deal with cases involving children delicately, looking out for the child/children involved, as well as the future. Contact our legal team today and let our Children’s Court lawyers guide you through every step of the legal process.

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