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Collaborative Practice at BFLC– If it is important to you to stay out of Court and work together to find a plan for your family’s future then Collaborative Practice might be for you.

Collaborative Practice is a term used to describe a process that assists you to work through the legal issues arising from the breakdown of your relationship in a considered and calm way with the assistance of a team of professionals. Through a series of meetings, your team will help you to set out your goals for your family’s future, consider the options that might achieve those goals and ultimately draft the necessary agreements to get you there.

Collaborative Practice requires you and your former partner and your advisors to enter into a contract that confirms that you will negotiate openly, honestly and respectfully and will do all that you can to find solutions that don’t require either of you to go to Court.

Collaborative Practice works best for families seeking an out of court settlement and who are willing to negotiate in good faith, sharing information and considering professional input and advice from lawyers, financial professionals and child experts to tailor arrangements to their families.

You can learn more about Collaborative Practice on the link below.

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