Kiarah Grace Kelly

Collaborative Family Lawyer

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Hi! I’m Kiarah Grace Kelly, I’m a Collaborative Family Lawyer here at Brisbane Family Law Centre. Thanks for stopping by! If you’re someone facing separation, I just wanted to say a big ‘great work’ for getting so far as to be looking at your options for legal help, I know that’s a really big step.

Some more about me, I decided I might like to become a lawyer when I was about 11 years old, in Grade 6 at Burleigh Heads State School to be precise. My admission day was the greatest day ever, I’d been working toward that moment for a really long time. I hold a Master of Laws (Applied Law) (majoring in Family Law), a Bachelor of Laws and a Bachelor of Government and International Relations from Griffith University and a Graduate Diploma of Legal Practice from the College of Law.

Fast forward to today, I help people be the best they can be following separation and divorce, I do that by helping people see their true worth and capabilities. I assist my client’s through their family law matters in a kind and calm manner and favour an out-of-Court approach always. My clients compliment me on my supportive nature and say that I make them feel heard and understood whilst maintaining a skilled, strategic approach at the same time.

When I grow up, I’d like to hold a PhD related to Family Law, continue to be contributing to the success of BFLC and am interested in holding additional positions in policy and non-for-profit surrounding Family Law issues.

I’m a wife, an older sister, a best friend, a Lawyer, a forever-learner and a daggy dancer.

You can find me here- [email protected]

  • BFLC is all about… helping you be your best self following separation and divorce.
  • I am motivated by… the simple truth that everyone has a right to an awesome life- me, my loved ones, my clients.
  • I am most excited when… it’s a Saturday morning, I’ve got a latte in hand and I’m walking through a rose garden somewhere with my loved ones in tow. Either that or we’ve just rocked up at a winery somewhere and I can see a cheese board in the distance.
  • The worst misspelling of my name I’ve ever seen was… Ciarra (Kirra, Keera, Keeara, Kiarh, Carara, Kara)
  • If I was a sitcom character, I’d be… Lesley Knope, Parks & Recreation.
  • People describe me as… warm, loyal, colourful, could talk underwater.
  • My favourite thing about family law is… watching a client’s shoulders sit back and their chest lifting as they learn their true worth and capabilities.
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